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About Emporium Paints

Quality is our priority...

Following extensive market research, a group of visionary business professionals launched a plant to produce the commodity locally, fairly priced and at the required global quality benchmark.

The business invested substantially in best-of-breed in paint production and chemicals importation, recruiting paint expert, and senior leadership within a multi-million in Nigeria and African paint company, with over 20 years’ industry experience, to train local technicians. With the initial product range well received by the market, further technology investments the following year (2019) increased factory capacity to optimum production of 5,000 liters daily.

The business’ 100% focus on maintaining world-class quality controls and market beating technical client services, delivered by expertly trained and proudly consultants, has afforded Emporium Paints exceptional commercial growth across Nigeria and Africa markets. Twenty years on, Emporium Paint’s passion and reputation remain unchallenged as leading and most trusted.

A member of the Stance Holdings group of companies, Emporium Paints has grown to include additional retail outlets, extended production operations, bespoke commercial project management services and an export division. These Business Units deliver excellence to a diverse base of private, business and government clients across the country and continent.

Who We Are

Be able to offer coating solutions for all possible applications and become the most valued and trusted paint and Coatings Company.


Be able to offer coating solutions for all possible applications and become the most valued and trusted paint and Coatings Company.


Be the first choice of customers for Decorative, and General industrial coatings by offering to customers’ best possible quality products, services, quality and value with durability, protection, aesthetics and sustainability embedded as key benefits in our offer.

We place emphasis on promoting elegance and royalty through our products.

We are daily driven to keep our promises, Increase our market, Expand our client base offering excellent services and affordable quality products with a singular mission to exceed expectation.


By providing quality product and having experienced knowledge of the market, we have been able to attain huge client base. Factors responsible for our enormous success are In-depth industry knowledge, Timely completion of orders, transparent business dealings, Qualified and trained team of professionals, Market leading prices.

* Service

* Excellence

* Teamwork

* Intensity

* Dependability

* Quality